Independent Healthcare Consultants, LLP


Independent Healthcare Consultants is a consulting firm to help you with specialized  focus in payer reimbursement, billing compliance and the business operations for healthcare providers (both institutional and professional).

  Core Services

  • Critical Access Hospital Chargemaster Reviews
  • APC Hospital Chargemaster Reviews
  • Provider Based Clinic Analysis and Implementation
  • Clinic Coding Reviews
  • Hospital APC Coding Reviews
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Cost Report Preparation

  Experience is Essential

  With nearly 60 years of combined billing, reimbursement and coding experience in healthcare facilities, our staff  can help you achieve appropriate reimbursement and compliance with Medicare regulations. You can rely on our “In the Trenches” experience with up to date knowledge of government regulations, to positively impact your facility’s goals and financial outcomes.

 Achieved Outcomes

Our experience and ability to work with your staff in a fun and energetic fashion has proven to achieve significant financial and operational improvements. Our reimbursement focus provides you with reliable and realistic recommendations that staff can support and implement.

Independent  Healthcare  Consultants  LLP

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