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Medicare Cost Report Review and Analysis


For a Critical Access Hospital (CAH), the cost report is the key to appropriate reimbursement under the Medicare program and, for many hospitals, the key to their very survival. For many CAHs, the cost report will determine 70% to 80% of their total payments. Therefore, its accurate completion is essential. For PPS hospitals, the cost report still plays a vital role for some types of payments such as Indirect Medical Education (IME), Direct Graduate Medical Education (GME), Disproportionate Share (DSH), and outliers. In addition, the wage index worksheets are vital for appropriate DRG and APC reimbursement.

IHC can review and analyze your hospital’s cost report in key areas to assure that the facility is receiving the appropriate reimbursement from the Medicare program. We can also model the reimbursement impact of anticipated changes to the hospital’s facilities or organizational structure. For CAHs almost every change the hospital makes will have some effect on the reimbursement determined by the cost report.

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